Superior Singing Method

By | February 21, 2012

Superior Singing Method is software designed by Aaron Anastasi, which helps people interested in singing to enhance their singing voice and perform better. It is priced at 297$ but is available for 97$ for a limited time. It promises to polish your talent irrespective of whether one has had any prior knowledge of music or not. Consists of 8 very organized modules. Comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. Also includes a bonus and 2 extra modules to help customers even more. The website has a large number of testimonials from satisfied customers which makes it worth the money.

Superior Singing Method

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It comes with 10 different systematically arranged modules that allow makes it easy to follow. They claim to save you vocal fatigue and teach you voice control. It helps you discover the most advanced singing techniques. Promises quick and immediate results. Starts with unique vocal warm up exercises which do not stress your vocal chords and help you unlock your singing voice. Teaches you key principles of singing correctly and helps you with breath management which is a key factor involved in singing. Helps your pitch stay consistent and strong. Contains tips, vocal exercises, strategies and techniques that help a user improve their skills. An 8 week step by step guide, which is not very time consuming and can be practiced at one’s availability and ease. The bonus modules added are with regards to performance and marketing one’s music. These features certainly are of great assistance in order to improve a person’s singing skills.


It is much affordable than taking private singing lessons. The price has gone down from 297$ to 97$ for a limited time which is definitely affordable for people seeking help with their singing. The refund rates are as low as 1.30% which means that the customers who have purchased the product are very content with the results. It is sold directly from their webpage which is hassle free and not time consuming at all. The Articles on the website are very helpful in learning more about improving one’s vocals. The queries of users are answered directly via email which encourages customers in a better understanding of the product.


Surprisingly this product does not have a lot of shortcomings. However, their introductory video is quite stretched and boring, which might make the customers decide not to watch it leading to not deciding to buy the product anyway. A lot of people do not know about this product as it is not very popular and needs more work done on it.


All the features and bonuses offered with the Superior Singing Method make it a very appealing product. The price has been decreased for a limited time which makes it even better for the customers looking to enhance their singing skills. The creator has vast experience in the field of music and has worked with Emmy winning producers which makes him a pro and this product one of the best in the market.

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